What are some kinds of inflatable boats?

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There are different types of inflatable boats, most of which are used for different purposes and by different people. It is highly important to know the different kinds of inflatable boats there is and knowing which is best for you.

Here, we will consider the various types of inflatable boats available and the conditions and people each is best for.
Generally, there are four different kinds of inflatable boats, they include;

1. Yacht Tenders: These kinds of inflatable boats are specifically made for people who have little or no experience in boating or people that are buying inflatable boats for the very first time. Basically, these kinds of boat offers high quality boating and is highly reliable, offering safety and stability. Among the different kinds of inflatable boat, yacht tenders are the most economical. Apart from the fact that they can be used for various outdoor activities including sporting activities, fishing and camping, they also have a high capacity to contain a large number of people. Generally, yacht tenders sizes between 6 feet to 20 feet.
The base of inflatable boats that fall in this group is built with layers of fabric and woods transverse through the beam.

2. V Hull: Instead of wood at the base, this kind of inflatable boat has wooden or inflatable keels. The keel enhances the power and general handling of inflatable boats in this category. Another huge advantage of V-hull is that it provides extra balance and buoyancy for the boat on the water. If you need an inflatable boat with a very great power and handling in a way that it can push through corners and maneuver very easily, then you should go for inflatable boats in this group.

3. High Performance Hull: This kind of inflatable boat is basically designed for people that have considerable experience in boating, for experts. This kind of boat has better handling and travels faster than the previous two types of inflatable boats. This kind of boast should be used carefully though because it has a higher tendency for boating accident compared o the first two. This is basically because it ravels far faster than yacht tender and v-hulls. Some of this type of inflatable boats have extra speed tube attached to their base. Inflatable boats in this category are basically used for racing and other related sporting activities.

4. Rigid-Hulled Inflated Boats (RIBs): This kind of boas is designed for the extremely trained experts in boating. Like the name implies, RIBs has a fiberglass and rigid hull, this hull ensures buoyancy, thereby making boats in this category more balanced, speedier and more stable on the water. Inflatable boats in this category have greater power and handing, making it more comfortable for the boat to pass through sharp corners. It is considered as the fastest type of inflatable boats available. Boats in this group are extremely light and have very durable. This kind of inflatable boats are used by lifeguards and the police because of its speed and capacity to contain a whole lot of people at the same time.